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New Fashioned

New Fashioned This cocktail is created by @thecocktail.blog using the RCR Chic Dof tumbler, a for RCR a quite heavy glass perfect for the vintage look. 5 cl Gin (@illusionist_gin )1.0 cl Amaro Mentha (@monicabuzio )0.5 cl Creme De Cocao Blanc (@giffard_liqueurs_syrups )0.5 cl Maraschino Liqueur (@maraska_zadar )2 Dashes Jerry D. Thomas Bitters (@thebittertruthcompany )Stir […]

The Timeless Negroni

The timeless negroni Negroni is one of the famous classic cocktails that has passed the test of them all – time! Combining Gin, Bitter and Vermouth, you have a simple to make cocktail, with a complex flavour and plenty of room to make your own twist. Here served in RCR Timeless Dof glass – a […]

Green Apex Gin Cocktail

Green Apex This very green cocktail is created by @thecocktail.blog and is a great example of a gin cocktail served in RCR Wine Drop Burgundy wine glass.  Directly in a glass filled with ice,4 cl Christmas spiced gin (@tranquebargin )2 cl P 31 Aperitivo (@p31greenspritz )3-4 Squeezed Lime wedges1 Dash Lemon Bitters (@thebittertruthcompany )Give it […]


DIGESTIVE GENT Morten Krag, the maker of @thecocktail.blog has created this cocktail together with @gentleman’s Gin using RCR Tattoo Champagne Coupe as their choice of glassware. 3 cl Gin3 cl Pussanga (@pussanga )3 cl Digestive Liqueur (@thebittertruthcompany )2-3 Dashes Aromatic BittersStir with plenty of Ice, Cardamom pods and Love ❤️Strain into a glass over a […]

Gin & It

gin & it An other great cocktail recipe by @thecocktail.blog served in a RCR Opera Champagne Coupe glass.  6 cl Danish Navy Gin (@tranquebargin )3 cl Sweet Vermouth1 Dash of Lemon BittersStir the gin and vermouth in an ice-filled mixing glass until sufficiently chilledStrain into a chilled coupe glassTwist a lemon ?peel over the glass […]

Cut It Gin Cocktail

CUT IT This delicious cocktail by @thecocktail.blog is served in the elegant RCR Crystal Aria Champagne Coupe glass – which only makes this cocktail even better! 5 cl Gin (@canaimagin )2.5 cl Vermouth (@delprofessore )2 cl Ginger & Hibiscus Syrup1 cl Cherry & Coffee Syrup2.5 cl Lime Juice2 Dashes Creole Bitters (@thebittertruthcompany )2 Dashes Olive […]